Wednesday, 6 May 2015

R4 The Media Show Ordinary Voters

Radio 4 at 4:40pm
The Media Show introduced by Steve Hewlett, this week, the programme's web page states,

"Steve Hewlett is joined by some leading political journalists; Michael Crick from Channel 4; Patrick Wintour from the Guardian; Andrew Grice the political editor of the Independent, and Isabel Hardman from the Spectator. They discuss how easy, or not, it's been to get access to politicians, why press conferences are now few and far between, and why the growth of social media is making advisers ultra-cautious in their media management strategy."

Contrasting the previous Question Time from Leeds, where real people expressed their frustration with politicians, with the over-managed media coverage, Andrew Grice suggested that our representatives should be "more open to ordinary voters in future".

No postcard as it is outside scope and, in this context, appropriate.

Image from The Independent.

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