Tuesday, 5 May 2015

April summary

The Feb-Mar summary is here. In April we had:

19. Apr 01 - Arnie Somogyi (R4 Extra)
20. Apr 06 - John Wilson (Front Row)
21. Apr 07  - Giles Dilnot (Daily Politics)
17b. Apr 07 - Sturgeon again (Scottish Leaders' Debate)
22.  Apr 11 - James O'Brien & 23 Will Self (Newsnight)
10b. Apr 13 - Bridget Kendall again, (Today) while James Naughtie and Justin Webb come close
24. Apr 15 - Nigel Farage (manifesto launch)
24b. Apr 16 - Farage (Today) and an OWP from Marco Biagi
25. Apr 26 - Tim Donovan (Sunday Politics)
26. Apr 30 - The Sun (reported on R4)

Near misses:
James Naughtie and Justin Webb come close (Today)
Rachel Reeves "small people and small businesses" (PM)
OWP from Marco Biagi (R4 News)
OWP from Ken Capstick (R4)
Recycled Radio on Money - unidentified OP (R4)

And the Manifesto Analysis

Analysis of sources

Source Users
Andrew Marr Show Ed Balls, Kristin Scott Thomas, Caroline Flint,
Big Questions Kunle Olulode
Daily Politics Frances O'Grady, Jonathan Isaby, Carole Malone, Shabana Mahmood, Giles Dilnot
Front Row, Radio 4 John Wilson
Moral Maze Ed Mayo,
Newsnight Evan Davis, Peter Kellner, James O'Brien & Will Self
PM, Radio 4 Bridget Kendall
Radio 4, 6 o'clock News Nicola Sturgeon
Radio 4 (non-specific) David Graeber, Michael Sandel
Radio 4 Extra (non-specific) Arnie Somogyi
Spectator Adam Nicolson,
The Sun editorial
Sunday Politics Caroline Flint, Tim Donovan
Today, Radio 4 Justin Webb, Bridget Kendall, Farage
Scottish Leaders' Debate Sturgeon
Manifesto Launch Nigel Farage

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