Sunday, 31 May 2015

Bruce Anderson uses it well

From the Spectator 23rd May 2015
"Most of those involved in politics, including pollsters, are partisan and obsessive. They can remember how they voted in that Little Piddleton parish council by-election 20 years ago. Ordinary people — no, that sounds patronising — real people: that is not right either. Politicos, though odd, are real. But sensible people do not spend all their time thinking about politics. They are wondering what to have for supper, where to go on holiday. They are worrying about their children’s progress at school. Then a pollster breaks in on them. So they politely turn their attention to lesser matters."

Cartoon from the Spectator.
Photograph from the Independent.

This is the third decent usage, Peggy Seegar (correcting John Wilson), Andrew Neil (adroit recovery) and now Bruce Anderson. Perhaps I should have a congratulatory postcard in addition to the original critical design.

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