Saturday, 15 August 2015

R4 8:03 OJap Rupert Wingfield-Hayes

Saturday 15th August R4 Today at 8:03

Rupert Wingfield-Hayes reporting from Japan on the 70th anniversary of the bombings and surrender,
"Even after 70 years August 15th is a day that Japan still struggles with. For the first time ever Japan's emperor Akihito expressed profound remorse for what had happened in a the war, a war that was fought in his father's name. But that stood in stark contrast to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe who failed to use this anniversary to make his own fresh apology for Japan's actions At the Yasukuni shrine, tens of thousands of ordinary Japanese have been lining up to remember the two-and-a-half million who died. For most, there is nothing political about this, but among the crowd here are groups of men with crew-cuts, wearing paramilitary clothing and carrying imperial army flags. They march in and bow deeply, not only to the war dead, but also to the twelve Class-A war criminals whose spirits are also enshrined here. That includes the spirit of Hideki Tojo, the man who led Japan during the war and who these right-wingers still revere as a martyr."
Image from the BBC.

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