Monday, 6 April 2015

#20 John Wilson on Front Row

Slim pickings over easter, as Andrew Marr and Daily Politics both took a break.

Audio clip

But BBC Radio 4 arts programming has come to the rescue as John Wilson interviewed Peggy Seeger today. Discussing the radio ballads created with her late husband Ewan MacColl, Mr. Wilson commented 'ordinary people doing it ...' and the Great Peggy corrected him, "Well I don't like the term 'ordinary people' because I haven't found an ordinary person yet".

Quite so. The first instance of an interview participant picking up on the usage and who better to do so, a champion of real people.

Images from Radio 4.

I emailed a congratulatory note via Peggy Seegar's web site and her mail monitor replied,
Peggy says YEAAAAY!!!

Thanks, I.M.

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