Wednesday, 1 April 2015

#19 Arnie Somogyi

Jazz bassist Arnie Somogyi on BBC Radio 4 Extra, running a repeat of his travelogue, The Goulash Archipelago,
British jazz bass player Arnie Somogyi and his friend the Hungarian guitarist Zsolt Bende travel through the Carpathian mountains, only eating what they are given in exchange for playing their music.
I feel a little guilty at logging this one as he is so distant from politicians and journalists, but a broadcast is a broadcast and a broadcaster is a broadcaster.

Image from his web site.

No address available and so I tried to use the contact facility on the web site with the message,
"May I have your address to send a postcard to complain about your use of the phrase 'ordinary people' on Goulash Archipelago?
Regards, Nick"
But this was repeatedly rejected as spam. Fair point. No card.

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