Tuesday, 9 June 2015

May Summary

Here are the Feb-Mar and Apr summaries.

In May we had:
# Date User Occasion Comments
22b 1st May James O'Brien Newsnight
29 5th May IDS Daily Politics twice
30 7th May Julie Elliot acceptance speech
31 8th May Nick Raynsford R5
32 Tim Gordon LibDem literature
33 12th May Norman Smith PM twice
- 12th May Andrew Neil Daily Politics adroit recovery
34 12th May Simon Walker (IoD) R5 Drive 3 times
35 15th May John Trickett Daily Politics
36 17th May David Lammy Sunday Politics twice
- 19th May Sue Perkins R4 Dilemma used ironically
37 25th May Katya Adler R4 News
- 23rd May Bruce Anderson Spectator good usage

Near misses (some numbered in error):
# Date Person Occasion Comments
27 3rd May Rafael Behr R4 Westmister Hour ordinary folk
28 5th May Claire Fox LBC Nick Ferrari show ordinary British kids
- 6th May Andrew Grice R4 Media Show ordinary voters
- 8th May Jo Brand HIGNFY ordinary voters
14th May Len McClusky Newsnight real ordinary people
17th May Len McClusky R4 Today
21st May Nigel Farage R4 News ordinary folk

Analysis of sources
Source Users
Andrew Marr Show Ed Balls, Kristin Scott Thomas, Caroline Flint,
Big Questions Kunle Olulode
Daily Politics Frances O'Grady, Jonathan Isaby, Carole Malone, Shabana Mahmood, Giles Dilnot, IDS, Andrew Neil, Jon Trickett
Front Row, Radio 4 John Wilson
Moral Maze Ed Mayo,
Newsnight Evan Davis, Peter Kellner, James O'Brien & Will Self, James O'Brien again
PM, Radio 4 Bridget Kendall, Norman Smith 
Radio 4, 6 o'clock News Nicola Sturgeon, Katya Adler
Radio 4 (non-specific) David Graeber, Michael Sandel
Radio 4 Extra (non-specific) Arnie Somogyi
Radio 5 Drive Simon Walker
Radio 5 (non-specific) Nick Raynsford
Spectator Adam Nicolson, Bruce Anderson
The Sun editorial
Sunday Politics Caroline Flint, Tim Donovan, David Lammy
Today, Radio 4 Justin Webb, Bridget Kendall, Farage
Scottish Leaders' Debate Sturgeon
Manifesto Launch Nigel Farage
Acceptance speech Julie Elliot
The written word Tim Gordon

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