Friday, 13 March 2015

A Reply

A first reply, from John, regarding the Graeber post,

"What a strange obsession. I work as a carer on the minimum wage - I've used this phrase many times. When you live in a class society such as ours there is a need to make a distinction from the lives of the great mass of people and the ruling class. There may be *some* cases when a phrase is deployed in a patronising way but certainly this example is not one of them. I feel that your [sic] wasting your life here - precious heartbeats and I expend some of mine in pleading with you not to dedicate anymore time to this drivel."

One could have hoped for better, so it goes. I wonder what John's first, deleted reply was.
John's profile states that he registered in March 2015.

When considering class and society, this Guardian article makes interesting reading.

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