Monday, 9 March 2015

#8 David Graeber

Mr Graeber is described in Wikipedia as "an American anthropologist, author, anarchist and activist, who is Professor of Anthropology at the London School of Economics". He is currently presenting a series of talks on BBC Radio 4 entitled Promises, Promises: A History of Debt.
In episode 6 of 10, The Medieval Period, The Phrase was deployed.
Image from Wikipedia.


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  2. What a strange obsession. I work as a carer on the minimum wage - I've used this phrase many times. When you live in a class society such as ours there is a need to make a distinction from the lives of the great mass of people and the ruling class. There may be *some* cases when a phrase is deployed in a patronising way but certainly this example is not one of them. I feel that your wasting your life here - precious heartbeats and I expend some of mine in pleading with you not to dedicate anymore time to this drivel.

  3. Have a good day and try to lighten up.